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Innovations & Rewards

The list of innovations and business distinctions of LOUX is equally impressive with its financial figures.

LOUX launches LOUX cola, the first Greek cola-type soft drink.

LOUX is the first to successfully bring to the Greek consumers a “forgotten” traditional beverage in a bottle, the Sour Cherry Juice. From the very first month of its appearance within the market it became the 2nd most successful soft drink within the product line, after its Orange Drink.

LOUX soft drinks are selected by the Greek Export Promotion Agency to be served through the initiative “Kerasma” throughout the world in Road shows and Greek restaurants to promote Greek flavours.

LOUX are the first Greek soft drinks, and the first Greek products in general, which received formal approval from the Association of Greek Food Industries to incorporate the special mark “Wonderful Greece” on their packaging.

“DIAMONDS” Award. LOUX is characterized as one of the “diamonds” of Greek Industry in the relevant table of Stat Bank amongst the 100 fastest growing businesses in Greece.

(“KOUROS” Award) The successful entrepreneurial activities of brothers Ioannis, Kostas and Plato Marlafekas were rewarded with the 1st Prize / (Excellence) of Entrepreneurship “DEVELOPMENT & INNOVATION KOUROS 2009” by an Associated Business Club.

LOUX is inducted to the "Strongest Companies in Greece" of the ICAP Group, as one of the most powerful companies in Greece.

LOUX again earns the “DIAMONDS” Award from the Stat Bank Data Bank, after fulfilling the 10 most important economic criteria that were set among 3,500 companies in Greece, according to its reliability and sound course.

LOUX is awarded for its 60 years in the Greek market of foods and beverages, as part of the symposium “100 Years of History of Greek Market Foods and Drinks” under the sponsorship of SEVT.

LOUX is once again awarded with an award at the “Diamonds of Greek Economy” organized by the Statbank, and is considered as one of the most dynamic companies in Greece.

Loux undertakes the sponsorship, and becomes an official “Supporter of the Greek Presidency of the EU Council”. Through the sponsorship LOUX products are now the official soft drink of the Greek Presidency.

LOUX is awarded once again as "Business Gem" at the awards ceremony "Diamonds of the Greek Economy 2015" which was organized by Active Business.

Loux is announced as "Public National Champion" in the European Business Awards among 36 popular Greek companies.

In February, the loux plus 'n light soft drinks were among the finalists of the Best soft beverage category of the Gulfood Innovation Awards 2017, the esteemed competition that was organized as part of the 22nd food & beverage exhibition 2017 that was hosted by the Dubai World Trade Centre (DWTC).

Loux was distinguished for yet another year in the "Diamonds 2018" awards, shortlisted among the healthiest growing companies in Greece. Specifically, Loux was awarded a certificate for being shortlisted in the "The most admired enterprises in Greece" category, in an event dedicated to innovation and successful entrepreneurship, elements which have been distinctive of Loux's profile through the years.

Later the same year Loux was recognized one more time for its business excellence in the Outsourcing Awards  "Creative Greece 2018". 

Loux was awarded as a top corporate brand in Greece at the Superbrands Corporate Greece 2018-2019 competition.

In addition, later the same year the company received a certificate at the Diamonds of the Greek Economy 2019 for its business excellence.

The innovative series of loux plus 'n light and loux plus 'n light tea won the Silver Award in Healthy Diet Awards 2020 at the section of Light Product of the Year and specifically at the category of "Light Beverage Products". 

The company was honored with the "Regional Excellence" Award in the "Greek Value 2019" of Greek Industries’ Association for its contribution to the growth and cohesion of West Greece.

Loux was distinguished as "Firm and Tradition" at the EVEA ceremony for its contribution to the Greek economy.

Recently the firm was distinguished as SUPPLIERS 'BRAND CAMPAIGN at the Retail Business Awards Ceremony while it was also awarded for its business Excellence at the "Diamonds of the Greek Economy 2020".

Loux stood out in the 20th annual Marketing & Sales Conference receiving a Gold Medal for its 70 years of tradition and history.

Starting dynamically in 2021, the company won the "Export Leaders Awards" for its performance in the field of extroversion, at the annual meeting "GREECE OF EXTROVERSION - EXPORT LEADERS FORUM 2021" organized by New Times Publishing. At the Commerce and Industry Awards 2021, the company was distinguished as a key supplier to the largest supermarket chains. In addition, for the 7th year, it was distinguished as "Diamond of the Greek Economy", in the eponymous event organized by the same publishing company.

Loux earned the honorary distinction of "Greek Business Champion of the Decade", as a company that achieved an increase in turnover and profits before taxes of more than 50%, comparing the 2010 to 2019, at the "Protagonists of Greek Economy" awards. In addition, for the 2nd consecutive year the company was distinguished as Suppliers ’Brand Campaign at the Retail Business Awards 2021.

Continuing its dynamic course Loux was awarded at Business Superbrands Greece in the category of non-alcoholic beverages and beverages in general. Specifically, she was distinguished at the Business Superbrands Greece 2021-2022 as a leading Corporate Brand in Greece.

In November 2021, Loux acquired 42.34% of the shares of the Water Bottling Company DIRFYS SA, as a targeted investment in the bottled water industry.

Recently, Loux won a double distinction at the Supermarket Awards 2021, winning the Gold Award as a "Traditional Greek Business" and the Bronze Award in the category "Marketing & Communication (Food)" for its 70-year anniversary campaign.

 Loux received the "Georgios Avlonitis" Marketing award at MADE IN GREECE 2022 awards showcasing its high performance in the marketing sector.

 In 2022, the company launched loux Tea series, as well as the loux free orange juice without carbonate, without added sugar and technical sweeteners, without preservatives and with reduced calories & a low glycemic index.

With a double award, it stood out at the Healthy Food Awards 2023. It was distinguished in the category "Healthy Beverage Product for Children" with the Silver award for loux free and in the category "Free From or Low Beverage Product" with the Bronze award for the loux Tea series.


Loux free was named "Product of the Year" in the category "Non carbonated orange-flavor refreshments".

"Product of the Year" is the largest and most important international award ceremony for innovation in consumer products and services, held in more than 45 countries around the world. 

This award confirms the innovation of the product and the company's commitment to produce soft drinks that respect consumer needs.