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Corporate Social Responsibility


LOUX as a responsible corporate citizen

Corporate Social Responsibility is the practical expression of how a company interacts with society and its surroundings. LOUX’s objective is to leave a positive impact when engaging with the natural and social environment in which it operates. With this said, social responsibility is not a matter of choice. It is an obvious duty expressed responsibly throughout the network of company practices.

With systemic effects and spontaneous initiatives, we make sure that any intervention and assistance has to be as effective and efficient, as well as discreet in presence. All our actions are based on a consistent and unselfish desire to be useful, offering our best effort ... from the heart.

Social Responsibility is a key component of our existence. Firstly, it embraces, with responsible practices the people, and the overall internal operations of the company. It extends to the local community of Achaia, as in the whole of the Greek society. LOUX also is involved with the same level of sensitivity, areas such as the environment, education, arts and culture, sports and, of course, supporting sensitive or vulnerable groups.

Responsible business ethics

CSR starts… from within

At LOUX, Social Responsibility starts from the fundamental requirement for prudent entrepreneurship aimed at profitable growth, to ensure both the economic survival of the company, and the prosperity of its people and society. Not only are we obliged to produce quality and safe for public health products, but we also ensure the best working conditions and facilities for our people. It is a constant indicator of correct operation, as well as a barometer of evaluation for any corporate action, thus forming a unique grid of values:

For our people

  • Health and Safety for an exemplary working environment
  • Fair terms and Reward and Recognition
  • Continuous training and development with clear and transparent procedures
  • Respecting working hours
  • Trade Union Freedom
  • Special events/amenities/benefits (annual celebrations, gifts to children of employees, company trips, bonuses)
  • Volunteering programs (blood drives, tree planting, cleaning)

Our corporate practices

  • Respect to the end consumer
  • Application of an Ethical Practices Code
  • Responsible Marketing

Within the context of providing objective and reliable information to its consumers, LOUX recently enriched its corporate site with special sections dedicated to nutritional advice and information.