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Commercial Cooperation between LOUX MARLAFEKAS ΑΒΕΕ and EZA Greek Brewery SA

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on 11 June 2015
εζα λουξ

EZA Greek Brewery and the soft drink and juice producer LOUX Marlafekas S.A. announce the commercial cooperation between the companies, and a framework development plan of Greek products and the strengthening of their competitiveness within Greek Bottling Industry by commercial synergies in selected areas of Greece.

LOUX is the most dynamic and developing Greek company in the sector of soft drinks and juices and firmly holds the 2nd place in the market with large growth rates, even amongst the multinational companies. Their products, have won the loyalty of the end consumer and on the basis of these results, it shows their detail to quality, consistency and success enhancing the possibilities of Greek enterprises in general.

LOUX currently owns and operates three state of the art facilities, spread over a total area of 33,000 sq. m. The first is in the area of Kefalovriso, where we have the production of the products, the second facility is the distribution center, which is located in the region Saravali and the third unit is located in Aigio, where they integrate the production of P.E.T. bottles for packaging. In addition, as of November 2008 LOUX has built a new, fully-equipped logistics center in Athens. LOUX relies on the development of the network, supported by 450 representatives covering geographically the entire country. LOUX also has presence throughout the world and exports to 17 countries. 

EZA Greek Brewery, one of the most dynamic companies within the brewery industry, was formed in 1989 and it’s a completely Greek trading company that actively participates in the development of the Greek economy.

EZA operate in Atalanti Fthiotida, a modern beer factory and produce four premium Greek beer brands, Pils Hellas, Berlin Premium Lager, EZA premium Pilsener and BLUE ISLAND. In 2015, EZA launched in the Greek market five new, innovative products made of the highest quality and excellent value for money, based on satisfying the needs of the Greek consumer.

Three of these new products are under the brand BLUE ISLAND. Two of these new products are flavored beer with natural juice (FIZZY LEMON RADLER, PINK GRAPEFRUIT RADLER) and the third, for the first time ever in Greece, a malt based drink, free from gluten and alcohol tasting of pears, PEAR DELIGHT. The other two products belong to the specialties category, which fall under the new Greek brand Odyssey (white and red).

The cooperation between LOUX and EZA has as its main objective to enhance a wide distribution network with super-premium Greek products made from Greek resources and funds with its priority of covering all the needs of their dealers, their wholesalers and retailers, providing an excellent level of service and sales with substantial support for their efforts and to contribute to the profitability of their colleagues.

In addition, the cooperation of the two Greek companies in this industry has as its objective to bring to each household the distinct pleasure of their high-quality products overcoming barriers and mistakes of the past.

LOUX and EZA, outside of its commercial cooperation, are looking into a plan for exports by capitalizing on the benefits of Greek products worldwide with their priority focusing on innovation and quality.