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LOUX Certified with the emblem “Ella- Dika Mas”

on 29 January 2015

LOUX was certified with the emblem "ELLA - DIKA MAS", from the European Company of Controls & Credentials, Eurocert once again for its Greek authenticity.

In more detail, the company was certified with this emblem because it met the specific criteria and qualitative characteristics, such as production of Greek products, Greek ownership, headquarters based in Greece, as well as the Greek labor force it employs. Also, an important measure is its active social action, that contributes both to the strengthening of the Greek economy and society.

After 63 successful years, the largest Greek soft drinks and juice company produces high quality and safe Greek products, using only the best raw materials. Permanent commitment and fundamental duty of the company is the development, growth, and Improvement of all management systems in order to ensure the superb quality and taste that best describes the LOUX products.