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Loux Marlafekas was recognized as one of the 2011 Diamonds

on 06 July 2011

Loux Marlafekas joined the annual “Diamonds 2011 - The Healthiest Growing Businesses during the Recession” of the Stat Bank, fulfilling the 10 most important financial criteria set for the 3,500 largest companies in Greece, for their reliability and growth.

The companies that appeared to be the most resilient and dynamic amidst the recession, were presented at an event during which Stat Bank awarded the Business Awards 2011. At Loux’s award, the CEO of the company, Yannis Marlafekas, addressing the Secretary General of the Ministry of National Economy, who attended the event, pointed out the urgent need to change the status of the new development law and in particular the special status of old tax-free reserves. More specifically, he stated: “We came out of a regime of total flexibility of movement and transparency of control and we will end up being judged and evaluated by an inefficient public administration for our own profits, which we want to translate into investments. We ask the Ministry for help so that the Greek businesses that consciously want to help this country continue their journey. In order for diamonds to exist and shine in the coming years”.