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Loux soft drinks as the official drinks of the National Football Team & Champion of Europe

on 08 April 2005

Loux Marlafekas S.A. aiming to be further recognized, proceeded to the collaboration with the Hellenic Football Federation, to provide the official soft drink of the National Football Team and European Championship. 
This collaboration will be presented dynamically through many promotional activities, such as:

  • Television advertising in pan-Hellenic channels. The campaign will begin in mid-April.
  • A new Loux contest will be conducted via SMS, giving away trips to games of the National Team, and other prizes related to the National Team.
  • Amazing posters with pictures of the National Football Team as European Champion will be printed and distributed.
  • There is already a new label for the Loux products, that includes the sponsorship’s logo.
  • At the same time, the Loux brand will be presented in all the venues where the National Greek Team will be appearing.
  • At the same time, various events will be organized with the participation of the athletes of the National Football Team.


Our goal, yours and ours, is to make the Loux soft drinks the national beverage of all Greeks.

A prerequisite for achieving this goal is your effort and participation.