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Inauguration of a new school classroom - Project “Fire Victims of Ilia”

on 17 September 2008

In an emotional, yet enthusiastic event, Loux inaugurated the new school classroom of the Elementary School of Lefki in the Municipality of Alifeira, on Saturday September 13 at 10am at Amygdalies Ilia. This is the first part of the company's social work for the children of the areas that were affected by the big fires in the prefecture of Ilia. 

Following the devastating fires suffered by the Livadaki municipal district of the Municipality of Alifeira, the pupils of the particular district were forced to attend the Elementary School of Amygdalies. However, this school only had one classroom and the Municipality of Alifeira in order to cope with the shortage of classrooms had to construct a temporary prefabricated structure.

Loux in an effort to empathize with the people that suffered from the fires undertook the design and construction of a classroom, as an extension of today's school building.

When the schools opened, the new classroom was inaugurated. In his statement, Platonas Marlafekas, Marketing Manager of Loux S.A. said that this project was promised and that the main objective was to restore children’s ability to study unobstructed.

In addition, Mayor Georgios Georgakopoulos, deeply moved, thanked Loux for this generous offer. He said that Loux’s generous offer for the design and construction of the new classroom was a breath of fresh air that brought relief to the feelings of despair and frustration everyone felt.

The event was attended by local authorities, the school teachers' association, all the pupils, the citizens, as well as the representatives of Loux.

The completion of the construction of the basketball and volleyball courts in the school of the neighboring Municipality of Figaleia -Loux’s second project in the area, within the framework of its social contribution initiative- was expected to be completed in September. It is reminded that money was gathered through a promotional activity the company organized immediately after last year's destructive fires.