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New Advertising Campaign 2007-2008

on 29 May 2007

The international football player Nikos Lyberopoulos is the lead of the new TV campaign of Loux Marlafekas S.A. The tagline is “You can find more orange trees elsewhere...” and has the player signing autographs for the young fans on the bottle of a Loux soft drink. 

The campaign, created by the company Casus Belli, will be airing throughout the summer, on the TV and radio, while it will be accompanied by special promotional activities. 


From Casus Belli

Petros Koskinas, Creative Director

Makis Diamantides, Senior Copywriter

From Max Productions S.A.

Lakis Mathiopoulos, Director

Vicky Nicolaou, Producer

Nikos Xezonakis, Producer