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Patra - European Capital of Culture 2006 - Loux

on 03 August 2005

Loux Marlafekas S.A. is pleased to announce its collaboration with Patra - European Capital of Culture 2006.

As a sponsor of the European Capital of Culture, Loux will support the effort to create a communication bridge between different peoples and cultures through which rich experiences of knowledge will emerge.

We consider it our obligation to respond positively to the invitation we have received from the European Capital of Culture and support the city where we live and grow. The name Loux has been identified with Patra and is an excellent ambassador of the city in Greece and abroad. Our aim is to identify Loux not only as a product, but also as a concept with the psychology of the wider region, in other words we want it to become the "refreshment landmark" of Patra and Western Greece.

Another move that strengthens the place of Loux in the market and helps increase both the recognition of its soft drinks and their sales.