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Offer Hope for our children

on 25 October 2007

Loux Marlafekas S.A. takes the initiative to help the people affected by the fires of this year’s summer entitled “... they are not alone”.

The company created 2 new codes, through which 10 cents of the 1.5 lt bottle value will be given to the children in need living in these areas. 

The needs to be covered by this initiative will be selected by specific proposals of the local authorities of Ilia, Aegialia and Evia. 
The project will be implemented by Loux Marlafekas S.A. 
The results of the effort will be published on the website of Loux and the Media.  

Loux Marlafekas S.A. within the framework of its Corporate Social Responsibility program, will now market special product codes, through the sale of which special initiatives shall be taking place to support the vulnerable groups of our society.
The intention of the company is to have at least 2 such Social Actions every year.