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Loux sponsors the 23rd General Assembly of SETE

on 04 June 2015

Loux was a sponsor for the 2nd consecutive year of the 23rd General Assembly of the Association of Tourist Hellenic Businesses (SETE), held on Thursday, May 28, at the Athens Concert Hall, aiming at the development of Greek Tourism. 

Loux, firmly supporting SETE in the implementation of the project “Gastronomy in the marketing of Greek Tourism”, offered soft drinks and juices to the representatives of tourism and culture, as well as to the participating business executives and politicians.

The popular Greek soft drinks and the 100% natural juice, that stand out for their unique taste and freshness, are a typical example of Greek gastronomy, thus promoting natural Greek flavors in the best possible way. 

By recognizing the important role of tourism in the Greek economy, Loux actively contributes to any upgrading action and proudly promotes any effort to improve the economic and cultural profile of our country.