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Commercial cooperation between Loux Marlafekas S.A. and Eza Brewery

on 11 June 2015

Eza Brewery and Loux Marlafekas S.A. announce their collaboration, in the context of the development of their Greek products and the strengthening of the Greek Industry's competitiveness through distributive and commercial synergies in selected areas of the Greek Territory.

Loux is the most dynamically growing purely Greek company in the beverage and juice sector and steadily ranks second in the market among multinational companies with high growth rates. Its products have earned consumers’ love and based on the results, the company has become an example of quality, consistency and success, showcasing the potential of Greek entrepreneurship.

Today it has three privately-owned state-of-the-art facilities, covering a total area of ​​33,000 square meters. The first one is in Kefalovryso, where the production plant is, the second is its distribution center located in Saravali, and the third is located in Aegio, where vertical production of P.E.T. packaging takes place. Moreover, since November 2008, Loux has established a new, well-equipped logistics center in Attica. The development of its network is supported by more than 450 dealers, covering the entire country. It also has a worldwide presence and exports to 17 countries. 

Eza Brewery, one of the most dynamic breweries, was established in 1989 and is a purely Greek company that actively participates in the decentralized development of the Greek economy. 

It has a modern beer factory in Atalanti, Fthiotida where it produces four excellent Greek beer brands: Pils Hellas, Berlin Premium Lager, Eza Premium Pilsener, and BLUE island. In 2015, Eza launched five new, innovative products of superior quality and excellent value in the Greek market in the context of consumer satisfaction.

Three of the new products are launched under the Blue Island brand, the other two are Fizzy Lemon Radler, and Pink Grapefruit Radler, and the third is a -first-time launched in Greece- malt-based drink, gluten free and alcohol free with a Pear Delight flavor, and the remaining products belong in the category of specialties, under the new Greek brand Odyssey (White and Red).

The collaboration of Loux and Eza aims to optimally enhance a wide distribution network with excellent quality products from Greek companies and funds, primarily aiming to meet all the needs of service stations, wholesalers and retailers, with an excellent level of service of sales and by substantially supporting the efforts and profitability of their associates. 

At the same time, the collaboration of the two Greek companies aims to bring every household closer to the pure delight offered by their high-quality products, overcoming obstacles and practices of the past.

In addition to their commercial cooperation, Loux and Eza are working on their export-oriented collaboration, aiming at exploiting the competitive advantages of Greek products around the world, emphasizing on innovation and quality.