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Loux changes the market of light soft drinks

on 22 July 2016

With a new innovative range of soft drinks, Loux refreshes our summer! The new soft drinks plus 'n light promise to change the market of low-calorie soft drinks.

Loux’s plus 'n light range is the first in the light soft drinks category, with only natural sweeteners (fruit sugars, fructose and herbal sweeteners), without added sugar and 60% less calories.

In particular, this new generation of soft drinks is Loux's response to the new consumer trend, always with an emphasis on added value and consumer delight. Maintaining Loux’s unparalleled flavor, the products have already begun to be marketed in three flavors (orangeade, lemonade, cola), while this new range will be enriched with more.

This summer, the new soft drinks plus 'n light are the perfect choice for those who are looking for products with fewer calories, but in the most natural way!