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New loux free NEW LOUX FREE

Loux revolutionizes at soft drinks and presents the new Loux Free! A unique product, which is not just a non-carbonated soft drink, but the most natural thing someone can enjoy. It is the new proposal in orange-flavor refreshments and the only one with no added sugar*, with 100% natural sweeteners and 60% fewer calories for an incredibly innocent pleasure, without guilt!
It contains all the freshness of an orange as it contains 20% natural juice from 100% Greek oranges and is rich in vitamin C.
By enjoying the new loux free, you enjoy carefreeness, naturalness and the authentic taste of Loux.

Available packages:
- 330 ml

Energy: 79 kj/19 kcal, Fat: 0 g of which saturated 0 g, carbohydrate: 5,6g of which sugars 5,6g, fiber: 0 g protein: 0 g, salt: 0,06 g, Vitamin C 65 mg

*Including fructose, fruit sugar and natural sweeteners.