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Our Summer - Our LOUX

Our summer is LOUX because... it has everything!

This year's Loux campaign is dedicated to the best summer in the world: the legendary Greek summer!
The crystal-clear waters, the locals who always have a place for us at their table,
the relaxing hours we spend listening to the calming song of the cicadas and, of course,
the refreshing taste of Loux, the Greek soft drink, are just some of the things
that make the Greek summer unique and... Loux!

Our new TV spot is full of pictures, flavors, sounds and moments from our most genuine Greek summer memories
and features the all-time classic Greek summer song: "Summer Holidays Forever" by Nikos Karvelas,
in a unique cover that was created exclusively for Loux!

Open your favorite loux and enjoy!

Natural Greek Pleasure

With excellent quality water from Kefalovrissos as their key ingredient and enriched with natural juices from Greek fruits,
Loux soft drinks make every moment delicious and refreshing. This year, enjoy the music,
the sun, the sea and all the “loux” moments that our Greek summer generously offers, accompanied by your favorite Loux flavor!

Our summer is LOUX