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Loux undertakes the sponsorship, and becomes an official “Supporter of the Greek Presidency of the EU Council”. Through the sponsorship LOUX products are now the official soft drink of the Greek Presidency.

In May the company emerges once again as "business gem" at the awards "Diamonds of the Greek Economy 2014" of Stat Bank.

In September of the same year, LOUX, is awarded by the professional Chamber of Athens at the awards (E.E.A) "Innovation and creative entrepreneurship" from the Tourism Minister Ms. Olga Kefalogianni.

In addition, the company is certified by the European Company audits and certifications EUROCERT With the sign "ELLA – DIKA MAS" which certifies Greek-owned businesses, who produce Greek consumer products that have shelf space of the Greek Retail trade, have their headquarters in Greece and employ Greek labor, thus supporting the Greek economy.