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Starting dynamically in 2021, the company won the "Export Leaders Awards" for its performance in the field of extroversion, at the annual meeting "GREECE OF EXTROVERSION - EXPORT LEADERS FORUM 2021" organized by New Times Publishing. At the Commerce and Industry Awards 2021, the company was distinguished as a key supplier to the largest supermarket chains. In addition, for the 7th year, it was distinguished as "Diamond of the Greek Economy", in the eponymous event organized by the same publishing company.

Loux earned the honorary distinction of "Greek Business Champion of the Decade", as a company that achieved an increase in turnover and profits before taxes of more than 50%, comparing the 2010 to 2019, at the "Protagonists of Greek Economy" awards. In addition, for the 2nd consecutive year the company was distinguished as Suppliers ’Brand Campaign at the Retail Business Awards 2021.

Continuing its dynamic course Loux was awarded at Business Superbrands Greece in the category of non-alcoholic beverages and beverages in general. Specifically, she was distinguished at the Business Superbrands Greece 2021-2022 as a leading Corporate Brand in Greece.

In November 2021, Loux acquired 42.34% of the shares of the Water Bottling Company DIRFYS SA, as a targeted investment in the bottled water industry.

Recently, Loux won a double distinction at the Supermarket Awards 2021, winning the Gold Award as a "Traditional Greek Business" and the Bronze Award in the category "Marketing & Communication (Food)" for its 70-year anniversary campaign.