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“The Greek spirit has a vision”

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on 06 April 2016

The initiative “ELLA-DIKA MAS” presented its values, goals and action plan.


The initiative “ELLA-DIKA MAS”, a community of important, Greek businesses with a special dynamic, was officially launched. The initiative’s values, goals and action plan were officially presented during a press conference. The members of the initiative, speaking to journalists, aimed to showcase and promote the modern productive and business culture of Greece. The event was attended and addressed by Deputy Minister of Industry, Energy and Technology, Theodora Tzakri.
In detail, the companies constituting the initiative’s core are the following: AGRINO, EPSA, NITSIAKOS, LOUX, KALAMATA PAPADIMITRIOU, ZAGORI, MEGA, ILIOS, NISSOS, AGAN, VIKOS, FLORINA DINAKI SOFT DRINKS, BRAVA, EZA, EVOIKI ZIMI and VARVAGIANNIS, while the community is expected to multiply its members in the near future.

The initiative “ELLA-DIKA MAS” is supported by Greek production and processing companies that, despite the adversity and ever-increasing disincentives, opt to maintain their headquarters in Greece and mostly belong to private entrepreneurs-producers, who as natural entities, also have Greece as their tax and business headquarters. Businesses who insist on keeping in Greece their (1) Production, (2) Headquarters and (3) Ownership are currently a minority, although they generate higher relative Added Value for the Greek economy, compared to the value other important business models yield, such as, for example, importing-trade companies or companies wholly or by majority owned by multinational enterprises.

The credibility of certification of authentic Greek businesses is sealed by EUROCERT, an important, purely Greek, certification body. Through detailed and meticulous inspections, EUROCERT ensures that each member-company meets a set of specific and measurable criteria that seal their Greek identity. Thus, they can use its logo on products with a satisfying added value, always produced in Greek factories.
The presentation was attended by representatives of member-companies, and more specifically Mr. Tsaoutos from EPSA, Mr. Marlafekas from LOUX-MARLAFEKAS S.A., Mr. Pistiolas of AGRINO, Mr. Karagiannis from EUROCERT, Mrs. Nitsiakos from NITSIAKOS, and Mr. Kouris from the NISOS Brewery.

The initiative -through its representatives- has committed, among other things, to proceed to actions that will help increase competitiveness of Greek-owned productive enterprises, while at the same time highlighting the importance of the products created, produced and owned by them, as sources of national wealth, goods of modern civilization, and ambassadors of today's productive Greece around the world.  At the same time, they stressed their interest in developing collaborations and joint promotional initiatives among Greek-owned businesses. Lastly, special attention was paid to the need to ensure conditions of healthy competition in the market.
Community representatives called on Greek consumers to support “ELLA-DIKA MAS” and asked production and processing businesses that meet the above criteria to register, certify and participate in the initiative.