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Production Process

Παραγωγή With respect to nature ...
to the end consumer

The Argolic plain is the largest area to cultivate oranges in Greece. Here, in this natural location, LOUX has selected their producers - suppliers. It’s from this location, that only the best citrus fruit for making juices –oranges, lemons and tangerines - start their journey to become the famous LOUX refreshments!

The journey begins from the tree. All of the fruits - oranges, lemons and tangerines – are hand picked one by one. At each stage, from harvesting to transporting the fruit to the factory for sorting, to the actual juicing process, there are continuous quality control checks that are applied to the most stringent quality assurance criteria. The quality control checks continue through out the next steps - pasteurization, concentration - to maintain its valuable ingredients such as vitamins and flavours.

From the juicing process the natural juice is transferred (in special containers / vehicles) to the production site. Here the unsurpassed “LOUX recipe” comes into effect. The appropriate combination of juice and the famous Kefalovrissos water along with the ideal ratio of carbonate, create soft drinks that can’t be beaten in quality or taste. Certified with ISO 9001 2008, ISO 22000 2005 and many distinctions, LOUX soft drinks confirm in the best possible way their superior quality and taste in comparison to other drinks.