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Loux's great success: Became Public National Champion in Greece!

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on 10 March 2016

Loux Marlafekas became Public National Champion in the framework of the European Business Award supported by RSM.

Loux Management Team feels the need to thank the thousands of Greek consumers who ranked it among the top 36 Greek companies, and now represents Greece in the next phase, where it competes with the other 31 European National Champions for the title of Overall European Public Champion.

The road to success continues for Loux, who wants the public vote by April 26 on a pan-European level to become a General European Public Champion, at the e-mail address

Loux is the largest 100% Greek soft drinks and juices company, owned entirely by Greek Entrepreneurs, that for decades has been a development factor for the country's continued investment in innovation. Loux produces products from 100% Greek raw materials, with added value for the consumer, as well as the Greek economy, and offers work to Greek families, contributing to the increase of jobs. 

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