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Loux proud sponsor of PAOK’s New Year's Cake Cut Event

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on 27 February 2016

Loux was a proud sponsor of PAOK’s New Year's Cake Cut event of the Association's Infrastructure and Development Departments (Academies). The event, which took place on February 21 at the premises of PAOK, was attended by approximately 2,000 children aged 4 to 18.

The popular Loux soft drinks were also the official refreshment of the celebration attended by athletes of the Football Club and the BSA, while athletes -men and women- of all departments were also awarded. In addition, the younger fans had the opportunity to play with the mascots, Loux orangeade and sour cherry, and take pictures.       

Loux is particularly proud to sponsor PAOK's great team, as the club now lists 19 divisions, making it the only amateur club in Greece with the most divisions and most teams in the 1st category. The philosophy of PAOK is consistent with Loux's sporting ideology, which is summarized in the promotion of sports through training and mobilization of the new generation of athletes. The non-negotiable values ​​of PAOK and Loux are excellence, faith and commitment to distinction.