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LOUX among the “diamonds” of the Greek Economy

on 30 May 2014

LOUX became once again received a distinction as a “business diamond” at the awards ceremony  “Diamonds of the Greek Economy 2014” based on the information of Stat Bank, an event held on Thursday May 22, 2014 in Athens.

Specifically, LOUX received the award again in 2014, for being a successful business operating in an environment of widespread economic crisis, showing strong growth, and managing to be among the 283 top companies in Greece, based on 10 economic credibility and development indicators.

The Marketing Director of LOUX, Mr. Platonas Marlafekas upon receiving this award addressed the government representatives attending the event, and emphasized that: “It is imperative that the leadership of the country becomes a supporter of the sacrifices made by the Greek companies to survive and become competitive in the harsh environment of the days we are living.”