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Loux not just quenches thirst, but also supports firefighting efforts

on 23 July 2016

Loux supports and stands by the work of civil protection in the Region of Western Greece. By participating in the collective effort to protect forests, the company purchased fuel for the Aeroclub of Greece, enabling them to monitor the forests of the wider region, and, in cooperation with the Fire Brigade, when a fire outbreak is detected, to efficiently inform the nearest Fire Station for immediate action.

This contribution, as stated by the President of the Aeroclub, Kostas Dimitrios, shows Loux's profound care for the protection of forests and its actual contribution in this social work. Prevention and immediate intervention prove to be pivotal for the protection of the property of citizens and the state.

Through this collaboration, the Aeroclub seeks to convey the message that Greek traditional companies support our country -with Loux giving the example-, and also aims to further raise awareness regarding the crucial issue of protecting our forests.