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The dynamic presence of Loux continues in 2016

on 05 December 2016

Loux, the largest Greek soft drinks and juices company, continues its dynamic growth, strengthening its second place in the market of soft drinks, amidst the fierce competition from multinational companies. Presenting the company's growth to reporters on December 5, at a central Athens hotel, Loux's management team talked about the impressive rise the company has recorded in the domestic and international market, as well as about its new innovative products that are bound to shake up the market of light soft drinks.

Paying great attention to authentic flavors and high quality domestic raw materials, Loux has penetrated the entire Greek market, becoming a popular brand for Greek consumers. More specifically, Loux has reached 9.4% (in volume, lt) and 10.2% (in value, €) of the soft drinks market in general, while in the category of soft drinks with flavors it has gained 27.2% (in volume , Lt) and 30.5% (in value, €) of the market shares, establishing its position as the most popular Greek refreshment with flavor in the domestic market (IRI, data August 2016). Loux's success is reflected in the company's turnover, as in 2015 the company recorded a 5% increase in its turnover compared to 2014 (30 million Euro), while its gross profits were 3.3 million Euro from 3.1 million Euro in 2014.

The international markets warmly welcomed Loux, which has developed a strong export activity, showcasing Greek flavors in the world. Nowadays, the Loux products are sold in 22 countries, including the US, Canada, Panama, Australia, Korea, Switzerland, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Sweden, Belgium, Bulgaria, Romania, Hungary, Qatar and, more recently, Russia and South Africa. As a next step, the company focuses on strengthening its activity in Northern Europe, with an emphasis on the Scandinavian countries and the Middle East.

Loux's position is expected to be further strengthened with its long-awaited entry into the market of low-calorie soft drinks and the new innovative range plus ‘n light. Responding to the new consumer needs and tendencies for high quality low-calorie soft drinks, Loux created the new range plus ‘n light, with 0% sugar, 60% fewer calories and higher vitamin C content (flavors: orangeade and lemonade). 

The Loux plus ‘n light are the first and only soft drinks in the Greek market containing only natural sweeteners (fruit sugars, fructose, and herbal sweeteners), 0% sugar and 60% less calories, without any other change being made to the well-known and unrivaled flavor that characterizes all the Loux products, making a groundbreaking change in the category of light products.

By continuously expanding its market shares, amidst the fierce competition, Loux has established its leading position as the most popular Greek soft drink. With a steady increase in sales and markets, continuous investment in infrastructure and innovative products with zero bank lending, Loux is among the most dynamically developing Greek companies, supporting the Greek economy and job creation.