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Ambassadors of Greek products throughout the world

Λουξ Γατροτουρισμός Gastronomy in the marketing of Greek tourism


Since July 2013, LOUX in partnership with the Association of Greek Tourist Enterprises (SETE), contributes actively to the movement of promoting “Gastronomy in the marketing of Greek tourism.”

Within the framework of this partnership, LOUX actively supports the activities of SETE for optimal quality improvement and the development of their product which represents Greek tourism.

Greek refreshments, as well as natural juices, have a distinct quality as part of Greek gastronomy, LOUX products can serve as ambassadors of natural Greek taste throughout the world.

Particularly our soft drinks and LOUX’s 100% natural juices, for many years, have been one of the most enjoyable “ingredients” of the Greek gastronomy.                 
The original recipe, based on the quality, purity and excellent aroma of fresh Greek fruits, creates a perfect harmonious delicious score with intense taste of Greece. It was no coincidence that the LOUX soft drinks are the first Greek drinks, or in this case, the first Greek product, which received official approval to add to their packaging the special mark “Wonderful Greece”, and in 2006 LOUX soft drinks were selected by the Greek Organization of Exports Promotion to be served throughout the initiative “Kerasma” throughout the world in Road shows and Greek restaurants to promote Greece.

LOUX recognizes that the promotion of Greek gastronomy acts as a lever for the improvement of our country's tourism industry, with multiple and significant benefits: attracting more tourists with higher disposable income, job creation and, ultimately, the overall strengthening of the Greek economy. Therefore, LOUX declares its presence and stands by every effort in this direction. The “heavy” industry of our country is a primary objective and a springboard for the elevation of Greece to a prominent place in the social, cultural and economic life.